What is a Capital Woman?

A CAPITAL Woman is a woman who is not only an asset to herself but to everyone around her. A CAPITAL Woman knows her value + adds value to everything and everyone around her. We measure CAPITAL Women by their ability to grow in their purpose, their ability to teach and inspire others, and their ability to be accountable for their own success. A CAPITAL Woman is less about metrics and numbers but more about knowledge and application.

CAPITAL Woman is an organization and movement existing to improve the confidence of women entrepreneurs, 9-5ers, and everything in between by building successful and sustainable financial plans tailored to their personal lifestyle. Know. Grow. Flow. refers to the 3 tiers of progression through personal finance and financial literacy initiatives. These tiers will allow for personal financial growth and knowledge that is repeatable, measurable, and teachable. This organization focuses on women leadership in their personal lives first and then into other organizations, whether it be big or small corporations, self created entities, or leadership in their household where their children are taught these skills for success. There is a gap in knowledge and pay between men and women. CAPITAL Woman is founded on feminism and strong passion for knowledge share.

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